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2015 Enhancements & alterations

  • Website : Improving Functionality, Semi-Automation. See below.

  • Pick your own fee : This is the big change of 2015. We want you to choose your own fee. And there will be 3 types of packages offered..."Single Lesson" "4x" and "10x". Our 12.5% fee is included in addition to your desired rate. E.g. if you charge $60ph, the total will be $67.50. We will allow fee changes no more than every six months. Please choose pricing wisely. Reducing hourly rate as the amount of lessons in package increases is high recommended! I also recommend researching your area on "musicteacher" or something similar to see what the other piano teachers are doing. If you're wanting to increase your base of students significantly I recommend $55-$60 per hour. 

  • Payment System: Fortnightly payments using Invoice system - It's super easy and simple, I'll be sending everyone the template to use once you complete form below. This is to help keep us all clean and organised.

  • Client Exclusivity Agreement: This pertains to the triangular relationship that is You, Us, Client. We, HireAPianist, have economic ownership of all clients you acquire through means of HireAPianist. In the case this agremeent didn't exist this agency would simply have no legs. All clients we provide to you must only be engaged for services where payment is being made to HireAPianist. 

  • We encourage that Half-hour free trials only occur if the student is travelling to you. 

  • Our end. We will be utilising even more advertising resources this year. It's our goal to increase demand for both teaching and performing services significantly. 

1. Search Page

2. Your Page

Here's how the website will very soon be functioning! *crossed fingers*

3. You receive email from clients (Name, Email, Phone and more) *we receive copy of this enquiry too*

I HIGHLY encourage you to send us( every ounce of promo material you have:

Photos(while teaching the bees knees)

Audio recordings

Video recordings(Youtube link best)


This will all contribute greatly to your profile and chance of increased enquiries.

4. You respond graciously and informatively (as usual) and work towards organising a trial lesson(half-hour)*

Important Explain when client asks, or during trial lesson, that the secure payment system(Paypal or Bank Deposit) is at bottom of YOUR page and they must bring the receipt of purchase to the first lesson of their paid package.

If you want to chat about anything here, or something else, please don't hesitate to do so. 



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